Repairs of building facade, repairs of interblock junction of a house

Justin’s Group specialists carry out all repair and maintenance works of the building facade at any height. We maintain, clean and wash the roofs and facades of various buildings. We perform wall rough-casting, painting and insulation.

When the house walls permeate rain drops it causes dampness in the living quarters. When the walls of the house cracks at the floor and the corners of the rooms you can feel draught. These are signs that it is necessary to consider about the repairing of the interblock junctions (seams) of the house, or even about repairing the entire exterior wall. Otherwise, dampness accumulated in the room may lead to unplanned and costly repair of the rooms. When the wall is wet, the heat faster dissipates from the flat to the outside, thus causing the loss of heat in the flat. There is a high likelihood that heating bills will increase in winter, and in the autumn or spring, when the humidity is higher, a fungus may form on the walls, posing a risk to your health and health of your children.

We perform works only with quality materials, we provide a 5 year warranty for the performed works and a long hire-purchase term.


After visual inspection of the flat and house interblock junctions and g / b panel surfaces in the area of the problematic flat to find out the problem with the residents of the house and determine the cause of it, and then to prepare the most effective and best solution. Upon the arrival to the object, at first it is evaluated the sealed surface of the building, the condition of the sealing seam and there are determined a sealing technology.


Sometimes it happens that single cracks in one block (in the part of the house wall) there are more than 10-20 linear meters. If the walls of the building are cracked in this way, we would recommend waterproofing of the wall or individual parts of the wall. Covering the facade with waterproofing sealant or thermo-ceramic paint would make the surface sealed, it would prevent water from entering the structure and would keep the walls dry. This increases the heat resistance of the wall. The residents of the painted houses are satisfied not only with the renovated facade but also with the economic benefits.


Cleaning of metal, anti-corrosion coating, painting ( intumescent coating of pipelines, chimneys, reservoirs, bridge structures, and metal structures). We paint with air-based, airless painting equipment or manually according to the required technology.


Painting of towers. Painting of chimneys. Painting of flues. Painting of metal structures. Painting of cranes. Painting of vessels. Painting of reservoirs. Painting of communication towers. Painting of water towers (internal and external). Other high-altitude painting works.