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We are a company of professional climbers whose experience and skills allow to carry out works in high quality and safely, even in extremely difficult conditions. Using the modern industrial mountaineering technology and know-how, we can work at high altitude or depth. We use only certified and proven mountaineering equipment and strictly comply with safety requirements.

We have the highest qualification IRATA climbers / instructors, GWO climbers / instructors who constantly go to different parts of the world for improvement of their skills. The company has certifications that can carry out the inspection of high-altitude equipment, so all our equipment is certified and safe.

We have international certifications of IRATA, VCA, GWO, ISO, which emphasize our knowledge and professionalism, and we can ensure the quality of performed works.

We can safely call ourselves a reliable company of professional climbers who know their job, and it is promisingly growing in the field.