Cutting and pruning of trees which pose risks destruction / milling of tree stump

We provide tree cutting, pruning, tree stump milling services.

We cut and prune trees at the homestead, at our private house, in the yards of apartment buildings, in cemeteries above tombstones and in many other places. We can offer the best price in Lithuania, we have all the necessary professional technology and equipment.

We have only highly qualified arborists who constantly go to different parts of the world for improvement of their skills. We are certified and with many years of experience in the field of tree cutting and surroundings maintenance, we can ensure the quality of our works and provide professional services, therefore, we can offer the best price in Lithuania. All ongoing works of the company are insured against accidents at the insurance company. We also work at weekends, We provide consultations on tree conservation issues.

We can safely call ourselves a reliable, knowledgeable its work company providing professional landscaping services, and it is promisingly growing in the field.